. . . allow me to introduce myself to you and to what I believe is the most substantial transformation in my life: art-making - over the past few years I have taken major steps to evolve from corporate america - rebuilding my soul - opening my heART and sharing my art with you - 

my name is ralph, the artist - nunzi, what most of my friends call me -

yes, I am an artist, an individual that has journeyed through some challenging & some very rich times & because I hid in the shadows of my creative being - I forgot what was most important to me -

ART-making -

after working for over 30 years as a creative director in several high level global marketing and design companies I lost my job due to corporate out sourcing abroad -

devastated? yes -
scared? you bet -

. . . but what I found after a ton of soul searching and endless pavement pounding leading to many closed corporate doors - i was being invited to a whole new phase of my life - the second half of life . . . falling upward -

this experience helped me identify, recover and rediscover my creative energies which got buried while I struggled to survive the grind - but why was I being redirected - driven down a new(old) path?

. . . what was my purpose?

the only logical answer was my higher source, the great mystery, our creator or as I irreverently refer to as ‘magoo’, was inviting me toward transformation - giving back to the universe
. . . as an experienced guide, a facilitator,
a conduit inviting others through my art and teaching how to draw upon & realize our inner strengths, our inner compass -

i believe we need to 'un-learn' to learn anew, to prosper and appreciate what was given to us -

my hope is you experience joy, a feeling of comfort & gratitude as you journey though studionunzi.

may your journey of transformation open your heART & unfold . . . 

      -- nunzi