studioNunzi is 'art making' - my journey to reach out share my soul, enrich the universe & give back that which I was so blessed.




who is 'nunzi' ?

. . . a few years ago my Dad's health started to fail and the reality started to set in where I would loose him one day. unfortunately that story came to a close much sooner than i had imagined but his legacy, his strength and his 
wisdom is what I am honoring with 'studioNunzi'.

After a few years, dad was honorably discharged from the navy & he made his way back to Erie PA to marry mom, 'Aggie'. My grand parents Mike & Carmella set him up with a sweet little bar/restaurant in '52 called Nunzi's, which was taken directly from his nick-name in the USN. With grandma’s cooking expertise, grandpa’s neighborly charm & dad's outgoing and spirited presence, I learned a ton about business ethics and how to treat your 'brother' - and they're successful to this day. [I wish they were next door.]

This is for you Dad. 

I was awarded a scholarship @ CCAD, Columbus College of Art and Design, Franklin University in Columbus Ohio and majored in fine art & painting. Yes, I graduated with 3.4. Totally changed art making direction and sold-out.

I moved to LosAngeles & still kept making art but  began a career in commercial art, catalog design and photography direction simply because the art world scared the crap out of me. One opportunity led to another and to some pretty high level positions I might add and with honors but corporate America kept giving me the boot . . 
and now, or  a few years ago - another crossroads.


Ralph Michael Annunziata

aka ‘nunzi’ is an artist, designer, & the proprietor of the fine art, ifoto & design shop studioNunzi [].
I recently relocated to Grand Rapids from Chicago, I received a BFA from [CCAD] Columbus College of Art & Design, Franklin University of Columbus Ohio in 1974. Born in Erie, Pennsylvania, 

PaLatte - Grand Rapids
One Trick Pony - Grand Rapids
the Dominican's Art Gallery at Marywood - Grand Rapids
the Loraine Bldg - Grand Rapids - ongoing and changing seasonally
MOCA - LosAngeles
the Gallery of Fine Arts - Columbus Ohio

upcoming exhibits -
brewery Vivant - July, August thru September 20 2104

 Grand Rapids
ArtPrize 2014 - Old World Olive Press venue - Grand Rapids


studionunzi is formed in Grand Rapids in 2012 [one of the best choice of my life I might add] to continue my journey
to reach out share my soul, enrich & give back to 
the universe - that which I was so blessed.

great friends and a wonderful opportunity to believe in myself and share my soul artmaking.

ralph ‘nunzi’ annunziata
2167 wildfield dr ne
Grand Rapids MI 49505


nunzi’s , paintings, sketches & i-foto manipulations capture color, light, shadows, & contrasts in unique & varied ways, which transform the subjects revealing surprising shape & scale. 

“my inspiration is nature & anatomy, ‘the Great Spirit’, the Earth Mother & her vision, her creativity, the universe, light & shadow & the beauty & pattern of creation.

my figurative wet-sketches, oversized & ‘in your face’ with their stark white background capture ‘a new realism’. 

the acrylic [multi-media] canvases depict an abstracted expressionism recalling the heritage of my birth right, as i restructure & reposition, re-stretch & re-group allowing the art to transform & evolve from within inviting those who examine the designs to join me in the journey of transformation. i call it , ‘figurative abstract transformation.’ 

my i-foto manipulations are inspired by the light of the sun & how it plays with shapes in nature, delicate colorful nuances arising from a deep spirituality. My soul.